How To Prepare For Your Microblading Procedure

What Is MicrobladingYou have decided to get your brows microbladed.  Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure where a special handheld microblading eyebrow pen is used to implant pigment under the epidermis. The specially designed fine blade is three times thinner than the blade used in a tattooing machine. This allows for the creation of very fine, crisp, realistic hair strokes that do not blur after healing.​ But, before you have the procedure done, there are a few things you should avoid for the best possible results.

What You Need To Know

Dina Basman has certifications in permanent makeup from East Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe and the U.S. and has worked with some of the best permanent makeup artists from around the world. Her training and experience have led to the most outstanding makeup artists in the area. Here a few of her recommendations on what to do and what not do the days before your treatment:

  • Do not work out on the day of the procedure
  • Do not drink too much coffee on the day of the procedure
  • Do not tan  (no sun) for one week prior to the procedure
  • Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E or ibuprofen 24 hours before the procedure
  • Do not drink alcohol the night before, or the day of the procedure
  • Waxing or tinting of the eyebrows should be done at least 3 days before the procedure
  • No Botox 4 weeks prior to the procedure
  • Stop using any Retin-A or AHA products for two weeks prior to the procedure
  • No laser or chemical peels for one month prior to the procedure
  • No microdermabrasion or dermaplaning for two weeks prior to the procedure

If you have any questions about how to prepare best for your microblading appointment give Dina a call!

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