Brow Design by Dina
The most elite and exclusive Permanent Makeup & Microblading Clinic in America.

Discover an unforgettable, unique new level of permanent makeup.  Enjoy our premier, plant based pigments only at Brow Design by Dina.


An exclusive, one of a kind service, only offered at Brow Design By Dina, which allows you to see your permanent brows before you get them done.


Dear Clients!

Thank you very much for looking at Brow Design by Dina and thinking of us to participate in your future beauty transformation.

Here at Brow Design by Dina, I strive to provide my clients with a unique, one of a kind, permanent makeup experience. I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of perfection on each one of my clients.

It is a joy and a dream to serve so many of you and for you to allow me to help make your dreams and mine come true. I have always dreamed of creating something so special and beautiful, that everyone will love and enjoy, and to provide my community with nothing but the best in every way. And today, I feel humbled and grateful to be everyone’s choice for so many years.

Dina Richardson