Permanent Makeup And SummerSummer is here and you wonder if the powder brows, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip color you just got will be able to hold up during your trip to the beach. There are a few things you should know before you start enjoying the summer sun and the beach.

Summer Sun And Permanent Makeup

The summer sun can have some impact on your permanent makeup especially if you just had the procedure done. Right after you get your permanent makeup, you will need some time to heal. During that time, you will want to keep dirt and bacteria away from the healing area which means no pool or ocean for you. In general, avoid all dirty work, including lawn mowing or other yard work.  You will also want to avoid the sun since your eyes might be sensitive to light, so bring your sunglasses when heading outside. They will also protect the fresh color. After two weeks or so (consult with your permanent makeup expert), the area should be completely healed and you should be able to resume your normal activities.

As you know, the procedures are semi-permanent which means they will last one to two years. Unfortunately, sun exposure can affect the rate at which the pigments, that were inserted into your skin,  are broken down. So when heading to the pool or the beach wear sunglasses and maybe a sun hat. If you have any questions about your permanent makeup after care, contact an specialist!

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