Why Take Classes By Dina?

Which Eyebrows Should I Get? Classes by DinaWhen thinking about taking permanent makeup and microblading classes, there are many things you need to consider. You need to figure out what exactly you would like to learn and who you would want to teach you. This can be a very tedious project. Here are a few reasons why Dina will be the right choice for you:

Dina’s Background & Qualifications

Dina has not only many years of experience in the permanent makeup and microblading,  she also holds certifications in permanent makeup from East Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the U.S.

Dina has been involved in art for many years, with her emphasis on portraits for many years. She has an excellent eye for facial features, bone structure and artistic beauty.

“You need artistic skills to be able to know the face of the client, probably better than they do,” Dina says. “Once a real artist, he or she already knows exactly what would make it look the best,” she added.  Dina is a true artist, sees the strengths and the flaws in every face and knows how to work with them so you can look your best. Take a look at Dina’s amazing portfolio: https://browdesignbydina.com/photos/

When you take Dina’s classes,  you learn everything that you need to know to start your own permanent makeup and microblading salon. As a matter of fact, after only 18 hours of training you are ready to start your own microblading and permanent makeup career. Dina will teach you what equipment you need, how to  design lips, brows and eyeliner, how much pressure is needed while applying the color  and much, much more. Best of all, if you have questions, Dina will be there for you and help you out.

For more information visit: https://dinabasman.com/