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Microblading Reconstruction Baton Rouge LA

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Below we go through microblading reconstruction discussing what the process is and what it entails.


Microblading reconstruction Information

Microblading reconstruction is a different tattoo art form. In this art form, the pigment gets implanted underneath the skin using a standard handheld tool. The specialist uses his/her hand to draw hair-like strokes using the specialized hand tool.

The drawn hairs resemble natural eyebrows. Microblading reconstruction technique reshapes and fills up brows by drawing on small hairlines mimicking brows. The handheld device is made of needles, and its purpose is to insert pigments into the skin.

However, the device doesn’t go in deep as a typical tattoo tool would. Moreover, microblading reconstruction is a semi-permanent process

The microblading reconstruction service has a lifespan of 1-3 years. Microblading reconstruction is a perfect solution for persons looking to fully reconstruct, define, fill-in over plucked brows or cover gaps. For individuals looking to add a small arch, Microblading reconstruction is an ideal technique.

The professional takes into account the facial structure and the brow bone ensuring that the eyebrows are on the right part of the face and they move when you make facial expressions.


The Microblading Reconstruction Process

During the microblading reconstruction process, a special pen with several needles is used for drawing individual strokes. The pen draws one stroke after the other. The process is meticulous and takes up to 120 minutes to complete depending on the depth of brows.

The technician pays close attention while tattooing your brow so that it can remain full and fade only after 18 months or more. The first 60 minutes are dedicated to drawing the shape of the brow using a removable pencil.

The process is long and the most crucial step. As the drawing process is on, the client gets to choose the best-customized shape that suits their facial structure. We caution you to be wary of microblading reconstruction places that don’t take ample time to draw a customized shape.

Right before part two begins (microblading reconstruction), the professional will apply a numbing cream (topical) apply it on the brow area lowering discomfort.

A liquid anesthetic is used next to avert any pain. The microblading reconstruction process is, therefore, painless, and the client only feels slight discomfort.

Experts advise customers that if they drink a sizeable amount of alcohol, use retinol or take aspirin to put off their indulgences a week before going for microblading reconstruction. Retinol is a skin thinner, and it could make you bleed while undergoing the microblading reconstruction process.

microblading reconstruction Upside microblading reconstruction is catching up fast in the US since the technique has no down time.

Immediately after having your brows done, you can go for a photo shoot. However, technicians advise that after a month elapses, you should come back for a follow-up. Also, the healing process differs with every individual.

At most, it takes from25-30 days for full recovery. Most specialists advise clients to go back for a 40-minute touch-up during the follow-up session.Microblading reconstruction is an easy procedure since you can go swimming or rub your brows after they heal.

Brow Aftercare

During the 25-30 day period, you need to keep your freshly bladed brows away from moisture. Desist from washing the area with water, and you have to tape the area while working out to keep sweat beads from dripping into your brows.

For clients who experience some redness or itching the first several days after the microblading reconstruction process, they are advised to apply vaseline which alleviates the problem. The first 18-36 months the brows will appear darker and afterward begin fading by 30-40%.

Fortunately, after the first appointment, the specialist provides you with aftercare ointments that you can use to make your brows to look great.

Low Maintenance Procedure

Microblading reconstruction is cheaper and gives you more freedom than having eyebrow extensions. Besides no special care is required, after healing you can jump into the water or take part in sweaty activities without care.
The process might be a bit pricey than having extensions, but you get to wake up every morning with perfect brows. You will only need to go in for a brief touch up once annually, and for the next three years, your eyebrows will remain in perfect condition all the time.

What To DO Before Getting The Procedure

After ensuring you are walking into a legitimate parlor and certified professionals will attend to you, make sure that you look through the artists’ portfolios.

Ask the specialist to take you through the procedure and also give you a number or two of people that have received microblading reconstruction from him/her. You can also go online to check out reviews about the parlor from customers that have been served before.


Microblading reconstruction is a better option for people who want to wake up with full brows every morning. With this eyebrow procedure, you don’t have to spend money on products every time. However, getting the right place and technician to undertake the process is dire.

Consult with a microblading reconstruction specialist to ensure that you get the best blading procedure. Count on Browdesignfor the best microblading reconstruction method in Baton Rouge LA. Contact Browdesign by calling and checking out for further questions.